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“Cuties” Review

Overall, a good movie. I think it told the story quite well of Amy’s duality in trying to observe her conservative family’s traditions and explore the world and her own sexuality.

Being a MAP, I found the girls attractive and the dances were certainly arousing. I felt a conviction that the girls were oversexualized and Amy was kind of pushed into it, after showing a slight curiosity about the dancing. I also felt convicted about the scene where she takes a nude selfie, because it felt like peer pressure, and the aftermath of something like that can be traumatizing for a young girl.

This film showed the two extremes of conservative sex views, and being oversexualized. I liked the very last scene where her mother tells her she doesn’t have to go to the wedding, and it shows the skimpy outfit and the conservative dress just sitting on Amy’s bed, and cuts to her in everyday clothing, and she goes outside and jumps rope… signifying that she just wants to be a kid, somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

I can actually relate a bit to that duality. I was raised in a conservative sex negative home. I don’t think I went to the opposite extreme of that but I did some exploring. And I’ve found I’m somewhere in between. Not as sex negative as I was raised, but definitely no where near the sexual promiscuity of the average person.

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