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Want to know more about me and my orientation?
Are you feeling an attraction to children and need guidance?
Do you disagree with an aspect of my philosophy?
Contact me:

B4um (B4U-ACT Forum): KatieCruz
Visions of Alice: YummyCuddles @Katie @Katie

Accounts on other sites where I’m less active:
FSTube: @Katie, @KatieCruz, @MAPMerchShop
All The Fallen: KatieCruz
Girl Lover Forum: KatieCruz
BoyChat: KatieCruz
Open MAP Community: KatieCruz
MAP Support Club: KatieCruz
Nymphetomania: KatieCruz
RQD2: @KatieCruz
Freak.University: @Katie
Ask Freak U: @Katie

I don’t respond to trolls.

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