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Re: rumors of a member of MAP Merch Shop being compromised

For Immediate Release: 2023/05/12

MAP Merch Shop
[email protected]

We are aware of recent rumors that a member of the MAP Merch Shop team has been compromised. Those rumors are untrue. I am currently in contact with all of the team members. We do take security seriously at MMS, and will always do our due diligence to protect customer data privacy. We will always be honest and upfront about any security breaches to MAP Merch Shop, and do so in a timely manner to the best of our abilities.

It appears the rumors came from a message about a member of the community named “Bloop” who was compromised by their local law enforcement. I have in the past talked with Bloop, but they only provided constructive criticism on the aesthetics and functionality of MMS. Bloop was never a member of the MMS team, nor did they have backend access to MAP Merch Shop.

If you have previously communicated with Bloop, it is recommended that you cut off all contact with them, until the community can verify they are no longer compromised. The MAP Merch Shop team wishes Bloop all the best and Godspeed in their current tribulation.

❤️ Katie Cruz
~ Creative Director ~
MAP Merch Shop

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