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Children’s Charity?

I shared the poll about youth charities with a few MAP sites I frequent and got a lot of mixed reaction. I have received a few votes for organizations. I also received some negative feedback about these organizations, saying they’re anti-MAP (claims I haven’t verified). A few people are suggesting non-children’s charities. I had one person suggest finding a grassroots children’s charity, so the donations would have more impact than if I donated to a mainstream charity. And I had one person say they would rather donate the money to me and for me to use it to help kids directly. And that got me thinking…

What would it take to start our own children’s charity? I would love to see our community do something to benefit the children we love. Is there anyone in our community who is knowledgeable and interested in setting up and running a non-profit organization?

I’m currently burnt out, spread thin, and already neglecting a lot of the activism projects that I’m a part of, so I wouldn’t be able to take this on. But if someone is interested, I have some ideas.

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