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Tag: Maternal


I learned a new term today. Korephilia is often described as the female equivalent to pederasty – women who love girls, and often have maternal/romantic feelings for them. I guess that describes me. It’s a badge I’ll wear proudly. And thus I’ve created a symbol for it. It takes inspiration from the GLogo. I callContinue readingKorephilia

Added Lucy as a beneficiary to my life insurance policy. Put a clause in my will that if she’s under 18 at the time of my demise, it will go into a trust fund that her parents can’t touch. That way they don’t smoke all of her money away, and maybe she can do betterContinue reading

A Purpose

I lie here at night, wondering why the world is such a scary place. The hate and violence, they frighten me. The greed and famine, they depress me. The self-centeredness, it disappoints me. But she lies here next to me, snuggled in sweet slumber, nestled in my arms. She knows not the evils of thisContinue readingA Purpose

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