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I made the decision to not let society define me. I know my character. I know I’m not the things society says I am. I know I didn’t choose this orientation. Once you realize that, you’ll be free.

We can’t choose our thoughts and feelings; only our actions. If you know in your mind that you wish no harm, that you have no bad intentions. If you have feelings of love and nurture, you are not a monster. If you know and accept your character, no one can take that away from you

Every night, I find myself lying awake, longing for Lucy. I can’t shut my brain off. I watch TV, I listen to music, I read… but I can’t fall asleep, and I lay there missing her. Why do I have to carry this burden?

I wish I could know whether we’ll end up together in the end, or if she’ll move on without me. Without this closure, I’m stuck in limbo, unable to move on, myself. The odds aren’t in my favor. They never are. I hate this.

It’ll be 8 years before she’s 18. I don’t know if I’ll see her again before she’s 18, or even after. Am I delusional to wait for her for that long, with no guarantee we’ll end up together in the end? I really don’t wanna be with anyone else, though.

I’ve always felt that if the world could understand us, we wouldn’t be persecuted, we wouldn’t be feared, and we could interact with the ones we’re attracted to, freely. Cause if people understood, they would have no problem with us.

Gorgeous girlie in Paraguay, I long for your love. Your smile is infectious. Your sense of wonder is alluring. I want to feel your arms around me. I want to take in the world from your perspective. Could it be that a kindred spirit lives so far away. Gorgeous girlie from Paraguay

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