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There was a girl I used to fool around with when we were in high school. Her name was Chelsea. She lived with her mom, and dad was almost never around. She knew about my orientation. She told me she had a 10 year old half sister who lived with her dad. She said I would have loved her. That if she was living with them, she’d let me take her on dates and that I could “have her,” (her words, not mine). She said she trusted me because I always treated her (Chelsea) well. When she realized I was never going to commit to her, she started dating other people and we stopped fooling around. I feel bad that she wanted more, and I inadvertently lead her on. I never met this half sister. Probably for the best, because I was young, dumb, and horny, and Chelsea might have encouraged us (10 year old half sister and me) to fool around, or at the very least wouldn’t have stopped us. I’d be on a registry.

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