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Was hanging with some friends tonight, and we were doing karaoke. I was sitting next to Lucy, so I started singing “Just the Way You Are“ by Bruno Mars. I was singing to her, but I was trying not to be obvious about it.

Her dad joined in and started singing it to me like he was pretending to hit on me. Like fuck you, you ruined my moment. It was like that scene in Chasing Amy where Alyssa was singing in the bar, and Holden was enthralled until he realized she was singing to another girl. Only, her dad was oblivious that I was singing it to Lucy.

I also sang “Been Awhile” by Staind. I poured my heart into it, and when I was done, baby Chloe (Lucy’s toddler sister) started clapping for me. That gave me butterflies and I about cried. Lucy better watch out, Chloe’s making moves on her girl.

Oh and Lucy sang “The Jester” by Badflower. I feel like she was singing to me. Some of the lyrics include:

“Is there anybody out there
Looking out for me?
Just say you want me
Just say you need me
Is there anybody out there
Looking out for me?
For me?”

And I was just thinkin… “Yeah, I’ll always look out for you.”

I just want to profess my love to her so bad. It hurts. 😢

She’s so cute. I wanna cuddle and cosleep with her. Nestle her in my arms, and feel safe together.

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