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Our Stonewall is coming…

I think we will soon see a mass social rejection of the far-right’s hatred, as people move toward a more progressive and empathetic worldview. Pair that with continued scientific research, and there’s going to be a societal reckoning on the level of Stonewall, for the MAP community.

-Katelyn Marie Cruz
24 Nov 2022

It’s gonna happen over the course of several years.

In 2022, the US voters made a statement by rebuking far-right extremism at the ballot box in the midterm elections, bucking trends that favored wins for the right wing. Brazil made a similar statement in that they no longer wish to be under the rule of a far-right extremist President, ousting Bolsonaro in favor of progressive Lula da Silva.

Both countries are still facing pushback from a loud far-right minority. The US will have its Presidential election in 2024, with several congressional, and state seats on the ballot as well. The far-right extremists will make one last attempt to take power, but the people will rebuke them once again. Their rebuke would send a statement that far-right ideology is not popular, thus pushing it back into the dark corners of society where it would hold little influence in public policy making. With younger voters coming of age, and more progressive candidates running for office in stark contrast to MAGA; many of those candidates will win, and make a positive change that will get them re-elected. US politics will start trending more progressive, which will further shape social values of empathy and understanding.

With more people showing empathy and a willingness to understand, they’ll be receptive to the science and realize we are not inherently dangerous. More people will step up to defend us in public discourse, helping to shape public opinion further in our favor.

In the meantime, there will be more harmful rhetoric comparing the LGBTQ community to pedophiles. This will spur violence until we get to a breaking point as a nation. Once the people have had enough, there will be protests, rebuking the far right’s rhetoric. These fed-up people are likely to be empathetic, and just want the nation to progress. It’ll be up to us as MAPs to help shape the narrative. We will have to use our collective voices to speak our truth to sway those who are fed up with the far right’s hatred. When two marginalized groups have a common enemy that is causing so much terror, they’ll be more willing to listen to each other and learn. It’s up to us to use science and show our humanity to convince them and the world that we are not inherently dangerous.

This was in reply to a critical comment on B4um:

I’m not saying progressives are currently friendly toward us. But I believe they’ll be the first ones to think critically about minor-attracted people. Far-right Republicans are stoking a social climate that is dangerous and violent. Anyone they oppose is a “pedophile.” And we’re already starting to see more mass shootings and violence directed at the LGBTQ community, because of the rhetoric the right wing puts out. What I’m saying it it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And there’s gonna be a tipping point when the LGBTQ community and its allies have had enough and there will be a social movement on the scale of the George Floyd murder protests in 2020. And that’s where we have a choice. We can either let the LGBTQ community fight this alone or we as MAPs can help shape the narrative.

MAGA Republicans hate LGBTQ people, especially trans people because their leaders tell them that LGBTQ people are pedophiles. We as MAPs can either sit back and take it as we have for the last half-century+, or we can do our part to shape the narrative. What is a pedophile? Why are pedophiles so hated? If the world knew the truth about us, they’d be less likely to hate us. As more people become aware and outraged at the violence targeting LGBTQ people, they become more empathetic. And when they’re empathetic, they’re likely willing to try to understand.

It’ll take a lot of work, organizing, and developing a message. Some MAPs might have to out themselves and become public faces of the MAP community. Some MAPs may be targeted with violence, much like from the days of Perverted Justice and Wikisposure. Many of us will have to make sacrifices, like losing our jobs, friends, family, and even our lives. This is a lot to ask, and not everyone can afford to do it or would be willing to do so. But nothing will ever change until we do. And the far-right anti-LGBTQ rhetoric can be the catalyst for what starts this stage of the movement.

This was in reply to a critical comment on B4um:

I think you and I have different relationships with our own MAP identities and different goals for the future. While I’m empathetic toward children and want the best for them, I focus on a “MAP first” approach to our identities and our mental health. I also hold the view that no one should tell others what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. I’m also someone who takes pride in being a MAP, and it’s hard to have pride when you can’t share with the world who you truly are. You may not agree with that, but there are a lot of MAPs who share my view. And this is our stonewall. If you don’t wish to participate, that’s your prerogative. I just ask that you step aside and let those who wish to participate do so without hindrance.

This was in reply to a critical comment on B4um:

I’m not making this about sex. You’re straw-manning me. Not everything to do with MAP activism is pushing for adult-child sex. MAPs deserve to exist. MAPs deserve to not be subject to violence and discrimination. MAPs deserve compassionate mental healthcare. But none of that can be realized without asserting that to the public. And this is our chance.

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