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Category: Aspirations

You know, I love her so much, I’d be willing to wait until she’s 18 just for a chance of a relationship. I’m actually turned on imagining her at legal age, the two of us going out at two in the morning in our pajamas to get snacks at the gas station. Laughing and joking,Continue reading

Kinda bummed. I should be heading to Baltimore tomorrow for a B4U-ACT workshop and MAP meetup. Instead… staying home living that pandemic life. I was looking forward to seeing my friends, making new ones, meeting with mental health professionals and getting some crab soup. Sigh

I got to see Lucy again today. We spent hours just sitting on the floor playing. While trying to be a cat, she kept trying to sit on my lap, and I got to wrap my arms around her and hold her many times throughout the day. Eventually we sat on the couch, and sheContinue reading

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