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Guess who’s back…

Guess who’s back. Back again. Katie’s back. Tell a friend.

After a slightly irritating incident with who I’ve dubbed “TikTok Bitch” an anti who was targeting me, I am reopening the blog. Unfortunately, due to the misinformation she has spread, and because she allegedly contacted and traumatized the family of [REDACTED], I have hidden all blog posts about [REDACTED] for the time being, until I can meet with legal counsel to make sure I’m not liable for any civil issues.

Anyway, in the time the whole blog was hidden, I’ve been keeping busy on several other projects. You wanna look swagulous with some new MAP merch? It’s coming. There’s also multimedia activism content on the way. Things are looking up for the MAP community, and I can’t wait to share these new projects with you all.

❤️ Katie

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