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Why I blocked Pawoo on the fediverse.

Why I blocked Pawoo on the fediverse.

I am a minor-attracted person. And my life’s calling is to serve the MAP community. But I don’t base my whole personality on my attraction to children. Yes, I am on a social media account dedicated to MAPs, because I relate most to other MAPs. I can be myself here, and not be forced to hide any aspect of who I am. And reciprocally, I don’t have to feel an obligation to share anything about myself that I’m not comfortable sharing with others. I fall somewhere close to demisexual, greysexual or asexual on the sexuality spectrum. I was raised in a sex-negative home, and I have maintained a lot of those beliefs, and I’m fine with that. I don’t share my sexuality with the public. That’s private between me and whoever my partner may be. Occasionally I’ll talk about it with close friends. But sex and horniness is not my personality.

I try to maintain an accessible presence in the MAP community, and make my ministry available to everyone who may need it. This is why I don’t block people or fediverse instances. But lately, I’ve received so many unsolicited messages and follows from people whose profiles and personalities are dedicated to sex, horniness, and porn. I’m not equipped to minister to this group of people. I have to focus on MAPs who are here for community, similar to how I am. I apologize if I have offended or let anyone down. I wish you all the best.

❤️ Katie

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