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Banned by Reddit for offering support to a MAP in crisis.

A few days ago, I was directed to a Reddit post where someone was suicidal because they realized they were attracted to children. I created an account on Reddit and posted a reply with all sorts of resources to help. Next day, I log in, and I’m permabanned from that Subreddit. No reason given.

I appealed to the mods, and got no reply. I started attempting to message the user in crisis directly to offer them support, but it wouldn’t let me send messages.







After sharing the screenshots on the fediverse, a user attempted to lookup my account, only to find that my account wasn’t accessible, thus meaning I am shadowbanned.

I’m angry, and saddened by this. Reddit would rather allow someone to off themselves, than to offer them resources to help. Pedophilia is a thing, and if you you’re bothered by that, why not address it rather than pushing it under the rug? Do better Reddit! Do better!

Society is trying to genocide us. This is why we have to fight back. They want us dead. We have to stand up for and take care of ourselves and each other, because no one else will.

Update: 2023/09/17

Just got an email out of the blue that this Reddit account is permanently banned. I haven’t even used the account since I was shadowbanned for the above crime of existing while MAP and trying to talk down a suicidal MAP. This is pathetic, Reddit.

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