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Survey for women with a sexual interest in children

A MAP In Love is endorsing this new survey for female MAPs by researcher April Coady at the University of Bath in the UK. Some of the questions are unclear, and some make assumptions about the actions of MAPs, however, it does provide a text box to explain your thoughts and provide feedback. This is not the perfect survey, but it is a survey geared toward women, which is an underserved part of the MAP community.

Investigating the cognitions of females with a sexual interest in or sexually intrusive thoughts about children.

Name of Researcher: April Coady
Contact details of Researcher: [email protected]
Name of Supervisor: Prof Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis
Contact details of Supervisor: [email protected]

You can take part in this study if you:
a) are female
b) are at least 18 years or older
c) have a self-identified sexual interest in children aged 15 years or younger.

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