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Katie’s Legal Fund For Defamation Suit

This community has given me so much, and I hate to ask for more. As you may know, I was targeted by an anti by the name of Seara Adair who is spreading false information about me. Either Seara or her cronies are still harassing me and my family. This isn’t going to stop unless we make it stop. I plan to take her and her cronies to court to sue for defamation, harassment, and whatever else applies. I need funding to do that. I can’t give out a whole lot of information, pending litigation.

Seara has not only attacked me, but has also attacked Angel, and Angel has faced far worse repercussions than me. I plan to sue Seara and her cronies not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of Angel, and the MAP community as a whole. Seara and her cronies can’t be allowed to continue operating without impunity. If we sue them and hit them hard enough in their pocketbooks, they will think twice about harassing more MAPs.

I have talked with a few attorneys, and they believe I have a defamation case, and are willing to take it on. One of them quoted me a $10,000 retainer, and another quoted me a $25,000 retainer. That retainer is usually just the start… there will likely be more costs associated with it.

The goal of this suit is to set a precedent and deter antis from targeting us with harassment in the future.

I am accepting contributions toward a legal fund to file suit against Seara and her cronies. You may contribute through the link on MAP Merch Shop, or to my personal Monero Wallet. If neither of those payment options are possible for you, ask me about other ways to contribute. If you can contribute, I would greatly appreciate it.

Money raised: $545
Goal: $25,000

Credit/Debit Card:


Contact me directly about other ways to contribute.

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