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I can no longer be complicit…

Welp. It looks like it’s time to speak out. I’ve been contemplating how to go about this all day. Desmond Tutu once said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

For too long, I’ve defended Newgon and given them a pass even amidst shitty behavior. I did so, because the wiki is the most comprehensive resource this community has on all things minor-attraction. But things have recently gotten out of hand. The Newgon/PCMA group created a new fediverse instance that focuses on free speech. While I certainly believe everyone should be able to express themselves, that expression crosses the line when it advocates for hate. The leadership of Newgon is complicit in the advocacy of hate, by allowing nazis on their instance. I’ve also seen a few members of Newgon actively promote that hate speech.

If Newgon is going to remain complicit in the propagation of hate speech, then I can no longer remain complicit in a MAP organization that doesn’t reflect my values, nor stand for what is right. I am removing the links to Newgon on A MAP In Love and The Mirror Project. And we will be removing all products featuring the “United” MAP Flag from MAP Merch Shop. The community has made it’s choice, and Stenna’s flag is the flag that has been adopted by most of the community. For the sake of unity, this is the flag we should rally around.

And to the MAP community, I apologize for remaining complicit for far too long. I’m ready to move forward with making our community a more tolerant, compassionate, and multicultural place, and improve the lives of MAPs worldwide. Let’s fuckin go!

❤️ Katie Cruz

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