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How can such evil exist?

I can’t even comprehend something so evil, to slaughter, murder, and maim babies and children. My heart breaks for the stories, and images coming out of Israel right now. How can people be so evil? The most innocent, and vulnerable among us, slain in the most horrific and barbaric way. I’m in tears as I type this. God bless all of those who were taken from us. God bless the hostages held in Gaza. God bless all of those who survive and are forever traumatized by what they’ve experienced. God bless the innocent people of Gaza, caught in the middle of the crossfire. And may God judge those who have committed such heinous atrocities. The Palestinian civilians are NOT to blame for the acts of hamas. And I support Israel in its effort to eradicate hamas. Nothing that evil should be allowed to exist in our world.

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