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Simple list of what the MAP community should be striving for

Over the years, many people in various MAP spaces have written long, detailed, papers and proclamations of what we should be striving for. While those are great to give us a foundation to base our activism on, many don’t have the attention span to read these long proclamations. So I’m making a simple list of goals for quick reference, for those who don’t want to read, and new members of the community. This will be edited as new goals become apparent.

Simple List of MAP Goals

  • Build the MAP community, including reaching MAPs who are unaware of the community.
  • Achieve protected class status.
  • Access to compassionate, empathetic mental healthcare.
  • Access to legal services.
  • Remove “pedophilic disorder” from the DSM and ICD.
  • Social justice – differentiating between rape/assault/coercion/violent crimes and statutory crimes.
  • Social justice for minor MAPs, and those close in age.
  • Ban conversion therapy.
  • Meet the physiological needs of MAPs facing injustice/discrimination.
  • High-quality factual MAP media for public consumption.
  • Continued honest research into the various aspects of minor-attraction.
  • Improved sex education that also talks about minor attractions.
  • Legalization of all fictional sexual outlets, including loli/shota and dolls.
  • Social Justice – reform the sex offender registry.
  • Combat false accusations, doxing, and myths of stranger danger.
  • Defeat the stigma
  • A credible organization to speak on and represent these goals to the public.

The Simple List © 2023 by The MAP Community is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 

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