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Trans Rights are Human Rights

I recently received an unsolicited message asking if I would like to be interviewed about being a minor-attracted person. This would be a great opportunity to share my experience and insight into being a MAP, with an audience that is not generally supportive of MAPs. When vetting the interviewer, it became clear that their site and podcast was feminist, but exclusionary of the transgender community. With many friends and members of the MAP community who are transgender, it would be disloyal of me to participate in this interview. I’m not going to throw others under the bus to advance my own cause.

In reflecting on why this person reached out to interview me, I’ve noticed that my site has been rather ambiguous on my support for the transgender community. So I’m going to say it now:

Trans rights are human rights.
Trans-women are women.
Trans-men are men.
All transgender, nonbinary, and queer people are valid. 🏳️‍⚧️

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