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Seeking Volunteer Content Curator for The Mirror Project

The Mirror Project was created to archive and preserve MAP history. Unfortunately, I’m involved in so many projects, and haven’t had much time to devote toward adding content.

I am seeking a volunteer to help procure content for The Mirror Project. You would be tasked with:

  • Finding notable MAP-related content on the internet
  • If necessary, obtaining required permissions from the content owners
  • Prepare, and upload the file(s) to the server
  • Create a download page with a brief description, screenshot, and categorize, with proper grammar and spelling.
  • You would operate independently, and have some discretion over what content is added, as long as it falls within the site’s guidelines.

Take a look at The Mirror Project to get a feel for how download pages are formatted, and the type of content we wish to host.

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Katie. All volunteers will be vetted.

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