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Supporting innocent children of war ≠ supporting genocide!

I can’t believe I even have to say this. Apparently, some of you have been taking words of my blog posts, and twisting it to fit your narrative.

Re: How can such evil exist?

People on the fediverse have the audacity to say that I support Israel’s genocide in Gaza. What the actual fuck? I have never supported genocide toward anyone. I have never supported the murder of innocent children or adults whether Palestinian or Israeli. In the quoted post, I denounced both the Israeli government and Hamas for the barbaric killings they have both committed. I can’t stand with either side. I stand with children. The whole genocide in Gaza is what inspired me to start the I Stand With Children Campaign.

Yes, I support Israel’s elimination of Hamas. But I don’t support the way they have been doing it. I don’t support the genocide of innocent people. I’m disappointed in the Biden administration for just today giving more weapons to Israel to continue this onslaught against the innocent.

How dare any of you twist what I’ve said to make me your boogeyman. How fuckin dare you say I support something so heinous as genocide. Go fuck yourselves!

2 children, a girl and a boy in tattered, dirty clothes, with dirt on their faces and arms. The little girl is about 6 years old, and she is holding the boy very tightly around the waist, with a look of fear upon her face. The boy, about 8 years old, consoles the girl with an arm around her waist and his hand on her arm. He has a look of numbness on his face. They are standing in the ruins of a war-torn city, with debris and dust all around.

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