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Seeking Volunteer Project Manager

I am seeking a volunteer to manage a particular multimedia MAP activism project. This volunteer would be tasked with:

  • Familiarizing themselves with and sharing the vision for this project.
  • Building and managing a team comprised of many people and jobs that can advance the project forward.
  • Having a basic understanding of the tools and methods used by each job.
  • Setting goals with deadlines, and a plan to achieve said goals.
  • Reporting on progress toward those said goals.

Desired skills for this position include:

  • Marketing
  • Design Theory
  • Reading and writing proper English.
  • Self-Starter
  • Highly Motivated
  • Leadership
  • Basic understanding of multiple facets of technology and media.
  • Problem Solving
  • Willing to learn, willing to teach.
  • Fundraising

You will work closely with Katie in finalizing and executing the project from its current state to its conclusion, as aligned with the vision.

If you’re interested in volunteering for this position, contact Katie, with a few sentences on why you would be a good fit for this project. More info about the project will be available before or during the interview process. All prospects will be vetted.

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