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Re: Reduxx, The DSM, Orientation or Interest

Lol. I’m famous. Or is that notorious?  They target me, because I’m the Queenpin.

A far-right, TERF site known as Reduxx recently published an article on me (while also misgendering me and linking me to someone else). One thing that stood out is how they decided to edit the screenshot of the DSM that I had posted.

Screenshot from A MAP In Love
Screenshot from Reduxx

Look at the last line of the Diagnostic Features of the DSM-5. On my blog, I used a screenshot from the original revision of the DSM-5. On Reduxx, they used a doctored image to update the screenshot to show a later revision of the DSM-5 that changed “orientation” to “interest.” What little credibility Reduxx had was lost by doctoring that screenshot.

The article also misrepresents my views by stating that I currently hold “radical ideas of legalizing relationships between adults and tween girls.” Uh no. I had those ideas when I was first discovering my orientation, but I soon realized those ideas are not feasible. Conveniently they left that part out.

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