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Category: Prose

Love is Colorful

Love is love, and having feelings doesn’t make one a monster. The law was written in black and white. But love is colorful. We can’t condone breaking the law, but the law isn’t always the arbiter of what is ethical. Your feelings are not a flaw. The flaw is society’s reaction to your feelings.

Prayer of the MAP

I speak peace and love. Acceptance and understanding. Health, prosperity, and power. I speak liberation from the forces that deny our right to love. I speak courage to stand against adversity. I speak all of this for MAPs and youth alike. I speak unity, and collaboration within the MAP community. I speak a revolution, ourContinue readingPrayer of the MAP

Hardened Serenity

O que será será. Whatever will be will be. I fear nothing on this earth. I can protect myself until the moment I can’t. And when I no longer can, I’ll look death in the eye and grin, because I’m at peace with myself. I only fear God.


“It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be anything for her… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’sContinue readingImprinting

To Lucy:

I love you so much. I’ve missed you these last few years. You’re my best friend. I feel safe with you. When we hold each other, I feel like I’m in heaven. And I’d give anything to be there again. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else before. You mean the world to me.Continue readingTo Lucy:

Gorgeous girlie in Paraguay, I long for your love. Your smile is infectious. Your sense of wonder is alluring. I want to feel your arms around me. I want to take in the world from your perspective. Could it be that a kindred spirit lives so far away. Gorgeous girlie from Paraguay

I’m in love with her. I love and care about her deeply. I know we’ll never be able to have a traditional romantic relationship, get married and grow old together. But I want to be her friend. Someone she can talk to. A shoulder to cry on. And I know someday, she’ll meet some boy…Continue reading

Who do you think I love? Who says sweet little things like “You’re my BFF,” and “I wanna take you to Disney Land?” Who runs up and wraps her arms around me? Who sits on my lap and pulls my arms around her? How can you not fall in love with her? Duh! I justContinue reading

I cry when I see your picture. I want to give myself to you, be yours forever, but I know that we can never be together. So I watch from a distance. Ready to catch you if you fall. With only a friendly smile, before I let you continue on your way. I know myContinue reading

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