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Is minor attraction a sin in the Christian faith?

Just wanna address a post directed at me about Christianity and minor attraction. Re: Dear Bowsac Noodle, First: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Jesus hung out with the sinners: the prostitutes, the drunks, the corrupt tax collectors, etc. He didn’t hang out with the Pharisees and the Sadducees. PleaseContinue readingIs minor attraction a sin in the Christian faith?

Prayer of the MAP

I speak peace and love. Acceptance and understanding. Health, prosperity, and power. I speak liberation from the forces that deny our right to love. I speak courage to stand against adversity. I speak all of this for MAPs and youth alike. I speak unity, and collaboration within the MAP community. I speak a revolution, ourContinue readingPrayer of the MAP

Hardened Serenity

O que será será. Whatever will be will be. I fear nothing on this earth. I can protect myself until the moment I can’t. And when I no longer can, I’ll look death in the eye and grin, because I’m at peace with myself. I only fear God.

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