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My ideal situation:

A new neighbor moves in, a woman, slightly older than me. She is a single mother, with a twelve year old daughter. The mother and I become friends, and her daughter takes an interest in me.

I work a 9-5 job (who am I kidding?). The mother works the night shift. We have dinner together almost daily, out of convenience. The mother goes to work a few hours after I get home. Her daughter doesn’t need a babysitter, but just wants to come over and hang with me, every night.

We play video games, I help her with homework, and we just talk and bond. We’re alone, so she expresses her uninhibited love for me. She hugs me, and kisses me on the cheek. She holds my hands. I wrap my arms around her as she looks up with her arms around me. We give each other kisses. We snuggle. We laugh, we joke, we tease each other. We’re so in love.

She’s my best friend, and my girlfriend in everything but name.

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