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Awww, she knows my name…

For the last week, J has pretty well wanted nothing to do with me. I’ve been so depressed and suicidal.

I was at the grocery picking up a few things. Seen a little girl sitting in a cart not far from me. She was dressed and looked like a stereotypical millennial “basic white girl” you would see at Starbucks, only she was about 3 years old. She had beautiful long brown hair, and a pretty face. When she seen me, she smiled, so I smiled back. She shyly turned her head away. I decided to walk her direction even though I didn’t need anything from that part of the store.

As I walked by, she turned, and looked up at me and grinned, then slowly took a sip out of her straw, which made a sound like the cup was almost empty. She then smacked her lips and said, “Mmmmm, Yummy!” I was thinking, “Awwww, she knows my name.” (My username on VoA is YummyCuddles, and I’m often called Yummy) This little girl knew that what she was doing was just so adorable, and she knew she had my attention. Little girls love me. I get shy too, so all I could say to her was, “Hi there,” as I walked by.

I needed that. That made me feel better.

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