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I went over to my friends’ house, and as soon as I came in Lucy came running to me, wrapped her arms around me and her legs around my leg. I bent down and kissed her forehead and hugged her. She asked me if I wanted to see her toy house that she was painting, and of course I did. Gonna be an artist when she grows up.

She continued painting, so I went and picked up her baby sister, Chloe. I held her and talked to her for awhile. Pretty soon Lucy came back in, and sat next to me. She started trying to tickle me and wrestle my only free arm, as the other one was holding baby Chloe. She told me right at the beginning that she’s ticklish all over. I started tickling her belly and pinching her cheeks. She was going for my underarms. I managed to get her underarms, and she started squirming all around. She was still holding onto my arm while squirming, and I pulled her in and wrapped my arm around her. She was so soft and warm.

Pretty soon my friend came and got the baby to feed her, so Lucy challenged me to an arm wrestling match. I let her win. 😀

She then wanted me to pick her up, so I reached for her and she flinched, saying I was going to tickle her. After several flinched, I told her I promise I won’t tickle her. And I kept my promise. She then let me pick her up.

She wanted to stand on my legs, so I sat down and held her hands while she climbed on me.

She then wanted me to pick her up again. Mmmm she was so soft and cuddly. Her mother told her she needed to brush her teeth, so I carried her to the bathroom and let her grab her toothbrush. She started getting heavy, so I had to put her down.

We ended the night with her climbing on the couch behind me and wrapping her arms around me before she went to bed.

This is the most cuddles I’ve had in a long time. I love her so much. I hope I can see her more often.

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