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These last few days, I’ve been daydreaming about having a 9 year old girlfriend. She’d come over and hang out, playing video games and watching Netflix with me. I’d make us a good meal of comfort food. We’d laugh and joke and have a good time, like romantic besties (I’m going to use that phraseContinue reading

I got to see Lucy again today. We spent hours just sitting on the floor playing. While trying to be a cat, she kept trying to sit on my lap, and I got to wrap my arms around her and hold her many times throughout the day. Eventually we sat on the couch, and sheContinue reading

We went to the beach today. We started off by walking along, collecting rocks and shells. I then asked Lucy to come and take a selfie with me. She started trying to get her butt in the picture (which was cute), but I told her I wanted a real selfie. She then sat next toContinue reading

Yesterday, I seen her again. We went outside and drew on the sidewalk with chalk. A little later that evening, we were back inside and she came and sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and held her for almost an hour. She was so soft, her hair in my face. SheContinue reading

I saw Lucy again today. She’s so affectionate. I got love and cuddles pretty much the whole time I was there. She was playing with my phone taking funny selfies with me. When it was time to leave, she was so upset. Wrapped her arms and legs around me in protest. Took my arms andContinue reading

I went over to my friends’ house, and as soon as I came in Lucy came running to me, wrapped her arms around me and her legs around my leg. I bent down and kissed her forehead and hugged her. She asked me if I wanted to see her toy house that she was painting,Continue reading

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