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Proud to be a MAP

While being a MAP is a heavy burden to carry, there is an honor to it. One of my responsibilities as a MAP is to be a caretaker, protector, and advocate for children. While many people would do that out of a moral and societal obligation, I do it because it brings me joy. I enjoy making children’s lives better. When you enjoy what you do, you tend to be good at it.

Because I enjoy getting to know and spending time with children, I’m more in tune with their emotions. When I’m with them, I bring myself to their level of thinking, where their ideas, no matter how silly, are valued and taken seriously. I can spend hours with a child, playing pretend with plushies, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, or reading a book together. I enjoy investing time with a child, which helps them grow. If I wasn’t minor attracted, I would likely be indifferent to children. For that, I’m proud to be a MAP.

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