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Category: Attraction

It’s not fair. I saw new pics of her today. She’s growing up. Without me. She’s got boobs now. Looks like her mom. So fuckin beautiful. And I just don’t understand why I can’t be in their lives. Why I can’t be in her life? It’s not fair. I’m so lost.

Are you more romantically or sexually attracted to children? 95% Maternal/Romantic, 5% Sexual for me. Being a grey asexual, I’m just not all that into sex. I have to be deeply in love and emotionally attached to have a sexual attraction. I see many little girls, out in public, or through pics online and TVContinue reading

Occasionally I meet an adult woman that I find myself attracted to. Usually it’s because she has some teen or childlike characteristic, whether physical or personality-wise. It’s very rare, and I still consider myself exclusively attracted to girl children.

Antis ask, “How do you fall in love with a child? How do you find them attractive?” But my question for the antis is: “How do you not?” When your best friend’s seven year old little girl says, “I wanna take you to Disney Land,” how does your heart not melt? Or when the BrunoContinue reading

I invited my friends over for dinner last night. They brought my little loves. We started playing music, and I was trying to get them to headbang with me. They wouldn’t do it, and it devolved into both of them tackling me and pouncing on my back, as I screamed in somewhat fake agony. (TheirContinue reading

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