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You know, I love her so much, I’d be willing to wait until she’s 18 just for a chance of a relationship.

I’m actually turned on imagining her at legal age, the two of us going out at two in the morning in our pajamas to get snacks at the gas station. Laughing and joking, and playfully teasing each other, while we don’t care how we look… we’re just having fun together, as girlfriends.

She looks like her mom. She’s already chunky, and her mom is a big woman. Lucy’s probably gonna be much the same.

I’ve always liked skinny girls. But the thought of Lucy, no matter if she’s a big girl, just turns me on. Probably because I knew her as a child.

I just wanna end up with her in the end.

But I have no way of knowing if that’ll happen.

And the odds are so stacked against us. Very few MAPs actually get their happily ever after.

But not knowing makes it almost impossible for me to move on. I’m so broken.

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