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I was watching Justice League a little bit ago. There’s a scene where The Flash saves this family who’s vehicle stalled while they were trying to escape from danger. He has a moment with this little girl. Couldn’t speak much of her language, but he awkwardly said hi to her. I know it wasn’t intendedContinue reading

You know, I love her so much, I’d be willing to wait until she’s 18 just for a chance of a relationship. I’m actually turned on imagining her at legal age, the two of us going out at two in the morning in our pajamas to get snacks at the gas station. Laughing and joking,Continue reading

Gorgeous girlie in Paraguay, I long for your love. Your smile is infectious. Your sense of wonder is alluring. I want to feel your arms around me. I want to take in the world from your perspective. Could it be that a kindred spirit lives so far away. Gorgeous girlie from Paraguay

Re: Is encouraging non-sexual physical contact abuse? It’s just two people who who enjoy each other’s company. Nothing wrong with that. Through my body language and actions, I let Lucy know that I’m open and welcoming to affection. She reciprocates that sentiment, and we have spent hours on end cuddling. We have a bond, andContinue reading

These last few days, I’ve been daydreaming about having a 9 year old girlfriend. She’d come over and hang out, playing video games and watching Netflix with me. I’d make us a good meal of comfort food. We’d laugh and joke and have a good time, like romantic besties (I’m going to use that phraseContinue reading

I invited my friends over for dinner last night. They brought my little loves. We started playing music, and I was trying to get them to headbang with me. They wouldn’t do it, and it devolved into both of them tackling me and pouncing on my back, as I screamed in somewhat fake agony. (TheirContinue reading

Last week, Lucy’s mom called and said she was supposed to babysit our friend’s daughter Annie, but couldn’t pick her up from the bus stop, because she needed to be home when Lucy gets off the bus. She asked me to go pick up Annie. I got there, and Annie who is usually shy, completelyContinue reading

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