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Category: Humor

Pedo Supastar. That is what you are. Coming from afar. Reaching for the stars. Run away with me. To another place. We can rely on each other uh huh. From one corner to another uh huh.

I wish I could be honest in my Tinder profile: Probably won’t be too interested in you, but I’ll most likely fall in love with your daughters.

If we had our own channel for MAPs, we could have a game show called “Are You Hotter Than A Fifth Grader.” Probably wouldn’t work too well, because: No. you’re not hotter than a fifth grader.

The 5 stages of MAP Grief

Denial: “No I’m not a MAP.” Anger: (Overcompensating) “Those fucking horrible pedophiles!!” Bargaining: “Ok I’m a MAP, but I’m the only good one.” Depression: “Everyone hates me. I hate my life.” Acceptance: “I’m a MAP, and it’s a normal orientation.”

🎶 Some people call me a MAP Cowgirl. Some call me a lover of girls. Some people call me Yummy. Cause I speak on the pompatus of love. 🎶 Steve Miller Band – The Joker

I seen my lovely Lucy twice today. I went over to their house and Lucy opened the door and let me in. Lucy and I ended up getting into a pillow fight, which was nice. I had to leave to do other things for several hours, and her parents looked like they had other thingsContinue reading

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