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I was at work, and I happened to notice a little girl as I walked by. She was about 5, looked to be light skinned mix race. Just so cute. I went to my desk, and pulled out a box of suckers, and asked the mother if the daughter could have one. She agreed, and called her daughter up, who picked one out.

The daughter was so hyper, just running around, looking into things, and climbing all over stuff. I went to a back room to get a few things. When I came back out, the little girl seen me, and came up to me. She started asking me questions about my job, and about me specifically. This just made my day. She said someday she’s gonna do my job. We talked for a good 10 minutes, before another customer came up, needing my help. I was about to ask her if I could help the other customer, but the mother, came up and pulled her away. I wanted to ask her myself, to show that I value her time, and take her seriously.

She made my night. I can only hope that one day, I’ll have a daughter, who’s as sweet and curious as her.

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