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The girl I love. I fell in love with her when I was 25, and she was 12. I had no bad intentions, and didn’t act sexually with her. I just loved her. She was my companion, my friend, and she had a puppy love crush on me. How could I resist? She was beautiful, and sweet, and she reciprocated that attraction.

We hung out a handful of times. Went swimming, chased each other around, cuddle up and listened to music, and just talked.

I wanted to marry her. I wanted to be with her all the time. She meant the world to me.

I had to leave, and we lost contact for 3 years. When I came back we got in contact again. Now she only sees me as a friend. That was always in the back of my mind. If you love her you gotta let her go.

She turns 18 in a few days. It just makes me cry that my little girlfriend is no longer little. She’s lost her innocence. She’s lost her magic. And I’m no longer the one who brightens her day. No longer her companion. It hurts so bad.

I’m only attracted to little girls. The girl I love has moved on. Where do I go from here? I’m gonna be alone forever.

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