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We went to the beach today. We started off by walking along, collecting rocks and shells. I then asked Lucy to come and take a selfie with me. She started trying to get her butt in the picture (which was cute), but I told her I wanted a real selfie. She then sat next to me and started putting sand down my bikini top.

Later, after eating in the parking lot, Lucy asked if I would lay down with her. So I went and layed on her towel. I thought she was gonna come lie next to me, but instead she climbed on top of me and wrapped her arms around me. So I wrapped mine around her, and she told me I was comfy. 😊 I really hope that can happen more often, and we can fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Pretty soon we all had to go home, so like usual, she said she wanted to go with me, and wrapped her arms around me. I held her for a bit and kissed her on the cheek, before helping her into her dad’s car. I then hugged everyone else goodbye as we went our separate ways for the evening.

I can’t wait for more time with my little love.

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