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My last customer

Today was my last day in a customer-facing position at my company. To finish the night, I had a grandmother and her three granddaughters. One was probably early 20s, but the other two were 10 and probably 13.

The two younger girls were very pretty and had wonderful smiles. The 13 year old had brown hair, and the 10 year old was a blonde. I helped the family, and did my best to provide excellent customer service. I signed the paperwork with my name and a heart. They were very happy when they left and as they did, the 13 year old girl turned around and smiled and thanked me again.

Oh man, what a wonderful way to end the night and to finish up with that position in the company. I went out on a high note. Now I’ll be working behind the scenes, and won’t get those kind of moments as often.

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