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I seen my lovely Lucy twice today. I went over to their house and Lucy opened the door and let me in. Lucy and I ended up getting into a pillow fight, which was nice. I had to leave to do other things for several hours, and her parents looked like they had other things to do.

Later, past her bedtime, I had to run back over to their house again. Her mom and I talked for a bit, then all of a sudden, Lucy came out wrapped in a blanket. She came right up to me, and landed on my lap, saying she wanted to sleep next to me. Oh man, I melted on the inside. I hugged her and rubbed her back for a bit, but she kept squirming around, as hyper as could be.

She then asked if I could give her a back massage, which of course I was happy to oblige. I started rubbing her back, but more intently than before, and she said “Don’t you know how to give a back massage?” I asked how I was supposed to do it, and she turned over and started doing the rapid karate chops. I was like “oh, ok.” She laid on her stomach, and I started doing rapid karate chops on her back, as her mom started laughing. She then got up and said it was her turn to give me a massage. I looked at her mom, all deadpan, and said “well this is gonna suck,” as I turned over for Lucy to “massage” me. She then started hitting on my back really hard, which kind of hurt. But I laughed because of how funny it was, and how whipped she’s got me.

Lucy then just abruptly stops and says that’s all of a massage I get, unless I pay her. Little extortionist. I gave her a free massage, but she won’t return the favor. Then she asked me to massage her again. So I said, “well you didn’t pay me for the last one.” She then tries to pay me with an advertisement flyer, and random toys she has laying around, all while headbutting and pouncing on me. I kept wrapping my arms around her, and holding her as much as I could, but she just kept squirming that I wasn’t gonna get much cuddles. Her dad finally got home and brought her a bag of candy. She then came and sat next to me and shared some with me. Oh so sweet. Then daddy made her go to bed. I’m so in love with her.

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