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I got to see Lucy again today. We spent hours just sitting on the floor playing. While trying to be a cat, she kept trying to sit on my lap, and I got to wrap my arms around her and hold her many times throughout the day.

Eventually we sat on the couch, and she kept trying to tickle me, but I’m usually better at tickling her. This went on for what seemed like hours, and we were both tired out.

She then started getting cuddly again as we took Snapchat pics and videos. Lucy, her mom and I got on the subject of DisneyLand, and Lucy said she wanted to go there with me. I was so flattered, I was speechless. I wanna take her there so bad.

She then laid her head on my lap and pulled my arm around her while we watched TV. She just laid there for minutes and would have probably fell asleep in my lap if her mom hadn’t made her go to bed. 🙁

I’ve been thinking about trying to date an adult, but after spending time with Lucy, I realize I already have everything I want. She fills the girlfriend and companion role for me. If only I could have her every day, and sleep in each other’s arms, I’d be set.

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