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Last week, Lucy’s mom called and said she was supposed to babysit our friend’s daughter Annie, but couldn’t pick her up from the bus stop, because she needed to be home when Lucy gets off the bus. She asked me to go pick up Annie. I got there, and Annie who is usually shy, completely opened up and talked to me. I took her to my friend’s, and Lucy and Annie were excited to see each other. Lucy was also excited to see me.

The two of them started playing house, and wanted me to be the mother, and Lucy was gonna be the baby. Lucy was crawling and started climbing up on me, wanting to be held. Of course I obliged, and she wrapped her arms around me, and buried her face in my tits (which felt nice). I asked if she was trying to breastfeed, but she denied it with a big grin on her face.

Later, they were playing something else, and I was sitting in a recliner. Lucy came running to me and straddled me. She was excited and started humping and grinding on me. Two thoughts went through my head, “Yay, keep going babe!” and “Oh hell no, I’m not getting in trouble.” Her mom was right there, so I had to go with the second thought, and told her to quit. She then put her arms around me, and held me close and continued humping me. As much as I hated telling her to stop, I told her again. She stopped, but then stuck her tongue out and sprayed me, and finally squealed in my ear. Her mom told her to get off and leave me alone. (darn)

I don’t know if she realized that what she was doing was something adults might consider foreplay. It seems she has some sexuality to her, and a crush on me, but doesn’t know how to express it, and what the implications of certain actions are. Sometimes I wish we were free to explore this sexuality, in a loving, consensual way. Basically I’d like to let her do what she pleases, without having to tell her “no” out of social obligation; only telling her “no” if it’s something I don’t want to do.

Pretty soon, I had to leave, and Annie ran up and gave me a hug. That was the first time ever. Usually when I ask for a hug, she pulls away, but today she initiated. Lucy also gave me a hug, and I kissed her goodbye. I can’t wait to see them both again.

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