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How dare you…

Since when is it ok to harass people for experiencing grief? Even if the grief seems to be extended and unreasonable to you, it’s not to the person experiencing it. Reminiscing, and crying, over the loss of a relationship is not bragging. It’s part of the healing process. When a loved one is taken out of your life by extenuating circumstances, and you get no closure… it can take years to heal.

Some people choose to make themselves vulnerable, and share their grief with others, because they want others to know they’re not the only one grieving. It’s called being human

Lucy was in my life, since the day she was born. I held her in the hospital. I rocked her to sleep. I picked her up when she fell. I made sure she and her family had food. I paid attention to her, while her parents were busy getting inebriated. They didn’t even want to be parents. They were parents because they had to be. I was a big sister, an aunt, a parent, a guardian, a friend, whatever word you want to use to describe my role, when she needed someone in her life. And loving and caring for her fulfills a romantic need in me. To me, romance is caring for someone.

If you can twist that into something sexual; if you can accuse me of being a stalker, or a predator… the problem isn’t me. You need to check yourself. You need to reevaluate your own feelings toward children and quit projecting them onto me.

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